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Hollin feels Jennings' lifetime accomplishments, contributions to the community and his role as namesake of Bryan College overshadow Darrow's importance in Dayton. He said the Rhea County Commission never voted on whether the statue should be installed and opponents' concerns were bottled up in committee. "There is a lot of people in the community that oppose it," he said, noting that the American Humanist Association helped raise money for the Darrow statue. The nontheistic association strives "to bring about a progressive society where being good without a god is an accepted and respected way to live life," according to its website. Hollin said he planned no further official opposition to the Darrow likeness sculpture australia but he'll never be a fan. Ralph Green, president of the Rhea County Historical and Genealogical Society, said the statue will make for a more complete story of the sculptor needed trial. He said it lends authenticity to the play, which relies "about 90 percent" on the trial transcripts. Green said historical society members felt Darrow would balance the story and give visitors to Dayton a look at the "two giants," who faced off over topics that still stir controversy and drew the world's eyes and ears to a small town in Tennessee. "The Scopes Trial would not i need a sculptor have been what it was without the two of them," said Green, 82. The two attorneys shared a deep concern for the common man, even though they were opposites in other ways, he said.

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